Australia General Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration to Australia


Skilled migration to any western country by the skilled labors and highly expert professionals is a field of higher demand that has proved the blessings for many skilled professionals and business leaders across the world, who can qualify the conditions and pre-requisites for skilled migration.

There are ‘3 Ps’ the important catchphrases linked for migration to Australia, which means the best economic growth through ‘population, participation, and productivity.’

  1. Your skill-set should match with the skilled occupation list,
  2. Should meet the Points Assessment Criteria, and at least 60 points you should score in this test, for the categories—such as:
  • Age,
  • Australian and overseas work experience,
  • English language proficiency
  • Australian study,
  • Qualifications,
  • Community language,
  • Regional Australian study,
  • Spouse skills,
  • Professional year.
  1. To file the application for skills assessment test, after qualifying this stage, then you would be required to complete the following processes:
    1. Provide your ‘Expression of Interest’ for Immigration to Australia, and after filing this, you may need to wait till 4-18 months.

Types of skilled migration visas to Australia

There are four main types of skilled migration visas for permanent settlement in Australia:

Skilled Immigration to Australia’s important features

  • Skilled - independent visa (189)
  • This category is evaluated in view of the skills of the applicant, so it entirely depends upon the level of skills of the aspirant, applying for this type of visa.
  • Skilled – nominated via (190)
  • Those who unable to meet the 189 visa or in view of the demand of occupation, being applied for permanent residency through state and territory nomination.
  • This permanent visa category is evaluated against the applicant’s skills and needs the nomination from a territory or state (like NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, TAS, NT, and ACT).
  • Skilled – nominated or sponsored visa (489)
  • Sponsor must be a state or territory government.
  • The 489 visa is evaluated on a point test basis and right now 60 points are vital to qualify as well as meets the standard formality.

Preferring Australia through skilled migration

Skilled migration to Australia is an opportunity that can unfold many worthy avenues of career advancement, future progress and prosperity, as well as a promising future for the children of the aspirants to migrate to Australia, yet it is exclusive for those, who are having some specific skill-set which are entirely in line with the benchmarks and policies of the Australian government.

This skilled immigration to Australia gives the opportunity of living and working in Australia, under the Australian General Skilled Migration Program (AGSMP). It also opens the gate to a country that has far more opportunities of growth and progress for any applicant’s career and future.

Pre-requisites to apply for skilled migration to Australia

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