1I am passionately looking ahead to get admission in any reputed college or university of western world, how I’ll go ahead about it?
Ans. As a first step, go on our site, and get complete info by carefully studying our FAQs, which would surely develop remarkable understanding about the education abroad. Then you come to Streamline Consultants (SC) office, to get consultation from our counselor. S/he will guide you after listening to your choice of subject and centre of learning to enter into. After completing your session of guidance, provide all your educational and all other relevant documents. After getting necessary feedback from you, SC would start the process of getting admission in any reputed college or university of the western world, which would include the following formalities yet not limited to, as either they can be added, removed, or modified from time to time, as the case may be:
  • Availability of a valid CNIC for at least one year,
  • Availability of a valid Passport for at least one year,
  • Not having any negative record on your Passport or any record on the visa, in case you have already availed before, during any foreign travel,
  • Availability of authentic and genuine educational certificates and degrees as well as job related documents, if applies on your case,
  • Availability of certificate of your sponsor, in case your financing is supported by any sponsor,
  • Availability of bank statement for the last six months, with reasonable bank balance, in view of the rules of the respective country,
  • Readiness to get the medical check-up to provide the certificate, to prove that you aren’t having any epidemic illness,
  • Streamline Consultants would provide consultation and facilitation, at every step, so contact us before at least one month, for applying study abroad.
2How to choose a subject of study in accordance with my aptitude and inclination that could play its vital role during my professional career?
For the best answer, get consultation from our counselor, he’ll fully guide you about it.
3How to select a highly befitting centre of advanced studies that suits me, not only academically, even financially as well as socially?
For the best answer, get consultation from our counselor, he’ll fully guide you about it.
4To take admission in graduation in any reputed college of the western world, how much time does it take?
For getting admission in any foreign college or university, it takes around one month, if you have applied in the month of March or August as the admission sessions start in April and September. After getting admission, around one month time requires for student visa. Within this period, at any time, you would be called for interview. The result of visa is communicated to the applicant/agent through letter and published the news on the site, by the respective consulate general.
5To take admission in post-graduation in any foreign academic center, how much time it takes?
The same procedure as added in the above-stated answer.
6What is the best time, to apply for the admission for study abroad?
April or September.
7What are the per-requisites for the admission in any center of higher learning?
As the per-requisites are very lengthy, thus you need to contact our counselor, s/he will guide you in detail.
8The details about college or university fee as well as other costs during the admission process?
As there are varying fee structures for different colleges and universities, so visit our office, you’d be given proper updates on them.
9What are the documents, which require to be furnished during the admission process?
Get consultation from our students’ counselor, he’ll guide you about it.
10If I want to improve my English language skills how is it possible?
To improve your English language skills, get admission in our IELTS course, this is the surest key to improve your English language skills.
11After accepting my admission in a foreign college or university, what is the next step?
Applying for the visa, to the respective consulate general.
12How I can get the financial assistance, for my study abroad, if I need it?
You can opt for the scholarship, if the facility available by the college or university, you are applying for, by fulfilling all their per-requisites.
13How and where to apply for scholarship in any western university?
You apply directly to the concerned college or university that has offered the scholarship, by following their rules and regulations.
14Is there any facilitation available for my staying outside the university campus?
Yes, we have the facility of staying outside the college or university campus.
15Is there any facilitation available, for my part time job?
16What is the appropriate place to stay during my foreign studies; either in the university campus accommodation or outside the university?
After taking admission in your chosen college or university, stay at the university campus accommodation, for the initial two to three months. If you think, the cost is relatively higher than the outside accommodation then you can opt for staying outside. Staying initially at the accommodation of university campus, would be helpful to acclimatize with the students, teachers, and other staff members, as well as to familiarize with the people having diverse cultural backgrounds.
17Is it important to go personally for the interview of student visa?
Yes, it’s mandatory to go for interview personally, by the applicant of visa. That is the only option.
18Whether the visa application form is filled out online for all countries, of the world?
Yes, mostly visa application forms for all countries are filled out, online.
19Is it possible, to opt for ‘Improvement of English Language Skills session’, after my regular study sessions?
Yes, it’s allowed in some colleges and universities, as the list is lengthy, thus our counselor will guide you, so visit our office for details.
20How to send academic transcripts to WES for their evaluation?
You can send these through DSL courier service that is entirely reliable for sending the documents, outside the country.
21My school won’t send my documents to WES, in such case, how can I manage to send my documents?
Yes, you can send these by yourself there is no any restriction to send these by the applicant.
22After sending my visa application form through online to the respective consulate general of the country, what is the next step?
The next step is to get an appointment for interview. After appearing before the visa officer for interview, in accordance with the appointment date and time, the visa counselor will get the bio metrics and documents.
23In case, my visa application is rejected, what is the next step?
Your agent would prepare ‘an appeal giving accurate replies to clarify the queries’ raised in the rejection letter.
24It is known that during the visa processing, documents rejection or new document case arise, is that true?
Yes, it’s true. You should be ready to provide any document that would be asked to furnish to the respective counsel general.
25In case, the respective officials of consulate general of any country, intimates the visa applicant to furnish any specific document to them, through which source, it can be sent?
There are varying rules and regulations for different countries, so visit to our office, our dedicated counselor will guide you in this respect.