Investor Immigration To Australia

Investor Immigration To Australia


Investor migration or immigration is a catchphrase, greatly respected and cared for, by all governments throughout the world, as it brings the capital, greatly valued manpower worthy to increase the economy through the capital as well as broader commerce expertise and trade insights – that not only the government circles even all other sectors greatly value – as the investor is being considered - the greater source of employment, a bigger generator of economy for the commercial markets, as well as a bigger booster of the exchequer of the same country – the investor is entering into with his coffers of Dollars, Pound sterling, and so on.

The significant features of Australian Investor Immigration

Australian investor immigration has two options:

  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV)
    • Applicants are required to invest $5 million over 4 years\
  • Premium Investor Visa (PIV)
    • Applicants are required to invest $15 million over 12 months

The reasons of opting to Australia for Investor Immigration

Australia is truly a green field for the investor immigration, being the Australia as a highly developed country in the western world – thus there is good greater scope of advancement in any commercial area, the investor is willing to invest, and earn the revenues and move ahead in your life by developing leaps and bounds.

Few highly intrinsic and basic reasons which perfectly validate to immediately immigrate to Australia for investing are listed as under:

  • Stable currency and viable monetary policies to grow the economy rapidly and that proves assisting in business growth and development for the investors, from across the world,
  • Peaceful ambiance for living and undertaking business matters,
  • High standard amenities to enjoy the life,
  • A financial hub for every sort of start-up enterprise or initiating an already flourishing venture in this part of the world,

How to qualify for the investor immigration to Australia

The formalities to complete, as a pre-requisite for qualifying the process of investor immigration to Australia are as under:

  • Age shouldn’t exceed 45 and be having the skills of vocational English,
  • Initially must be ready to invest, for a period of 4 years,
  • Should have relevant experience of around 5 years in the specific field, in which the applicant is ready to invest in,
  • Must be meeting the standards of Australia—such as health, credibility, Police background checks, character.
  • Once investment is made, he or she is given 4-years visa, and then it is extended for permanent residency visa.

Pre-requisites to apply for investor immigration to Australia

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