Investor Immigration To New Zealand

Investor Immigration To New Zealand


Investor immigration is immensely chased after by the business leaders from, across the world to many advanced western countries, including New Zealand, as these highly prosperous countries lend massive opportunities for their business growth, the best lifestyle with amazing living and working facilities and amenities, which prove the fascinating elements for the foreigners to enter into a rich country of the world.

Immigrant Investor Program of New Zealand

Under this program, there are two options the applicants are required to apply for any of these as listed below:

  • Investor Program
    • Minimum investment of NZ$1.5million (approx US$1.1 million) for a period of 4 years,
    • 3 years of business experience
    • Age 65 or below
  • Investor plus Program
    • Minimum investment of NZ$10 million (approx US$ 8 million) for a period of 3 years,
    • Age and other conditions don’t apply in this category.
  • For either case, the investor is required to qualify by scoring 120 points, based on:
    • Relevant self-employment – 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years (20, 30, 40 points)
    • Other self-employed – 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years (5, 15, 20 points)
    • Relevant senior management experience – 5 years, 10 years (5, 10 points)
    • Meet our counsellor for further details.

The reasons of opting to New Zealand for Investor Immigration

New Zealand is the land of infinite avenues and opportunities for the investors interested to invest their capital with a view to not only earn revenues by the investor, even it could be contributing towards promoting the economy, and could bring a bigger chunk of foreign exchange to this country – New Zealand.

The salient features for the investor immigration to New Zealand, which usually prove greatly assisting by making a stronger reason to opt for the investor immigration to this country:

  • A country with its stable economic base that ranges from stable currency, powerful monetary policies, which greatly hinting towards assisting and reinforcing the business opportunities of any investor,
  • No discrimination of cast, color, and creed whatsoever, and ready to welcome investors of all races, all colors, and all sorts of creed, yet subject to, with the vision and mission of being a peace-loving person in this country,
  • Close proximity to Asia and Pacific Rim countries

Pre-requisites to apply for investor immigration to New Zealand

The formalities and procedures with respect to skilled migration are very lengthy thus, anyone aspiring to apply for investor immigration to New Zealand, should contact the office of Streamline Consultants (SC), where the competent counsellors will guide you, and fulfill all formalities, in respect of, your migration to New Zealand.

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SC, a renowned service provider, assists and supports the applicants willing to immigrate to any foreign country, for permanent settlement through investor immigration program.

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Streamline Consultants has the international exposure as well as the practical expertise to complete all formalities of immigration and visa to all countries of the world, exclusively to New Zealand, so SC never compromise on the quality of our services and facilities that is why the increasing number of applicants is the best proof of the same reality. If you are really interested to shift to New Zealand permanently then please consult the counsellors at Streamline Consultants, you may surely feel happy and satisfied at the end.