Investor Immigration To USA

Investor Immigration To USA


Investor immigration option to any highly developed country of the world—such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, has always opened the gateway of golden opportunities for many businessmen, professionals, and vibrant students across the world.

In this field, USA is the highly sought after country, as the opportunities of business growth are far more, relatively to any other country being the country – as the leading role player among the world countries, exclusively among the highly prosperous countries.

US Immigrant Investor Program

USA offers its:

  • EB-5 immigrant Investor Visa Program, to those who are interested to obtain ‘Green Card’ or Permanent resident status in USA. Under this program, minimum investment is US$0.5million and this investment should create at least 10 jobs,
  • For urban areas, an investment of US$1million is mandatory.
  • Investment must be for 4 years at least.

Why to prefer US for Investor Immigration

The reasons of preferring for US permanent settlement can prove helpful in the areas as stated below:
  • Absolutely stable currency coupled with highly stronger economic regimes, which are geared to give maximum benefits and advantages to the investors, who’re investing their capital in the US,
  • Peaceful living and working atmosphere, very conducive to flourish the business within a reasonable period of time,
  • US passport is greatly preferred during the travel to visa-free territories and countries, across the world,
  • Investor’s spouse and children under 21 will be provided the dependent visas. The spouse can apply for a work authorization on his or her dependent visa,
  • The children of the investor to US can apply for the scholarship, whilst applying for admission in any advanced centre of higher learning.

How to qualify for the investor immigration to USA

To qualify the investor immigration process of US, the following important formalities are must to fulfill:
  • Initial investment for the business, as proposed to initiate, in accordance with the US State Department’s measures,
  • Rest of the details would be provided at the office of Streamline Consultants.

Pre-requisites to apply for investor immigration to USA

The formalities and procedures with respect to investor immigration visa (IIV) are very lengthy thus, anyone aspiring to apply for IIV to USA, should contact the office of Streamline Consultants (SC), where the competent counsellors will guide you, and fulfill all formalities, in respect of, your permanent settlement in US.

Streamline Consultants (SC) – as a famous Immigration and Visa Services Provider

SC, a renowned service provider, assists and supports the applicants willing to immigrate to any foreign country, for permanent settlement through investor immigration program.

SC is one of the leading immigration consultancy firms as having the best expertise and having complete cognizance about the rules and regulations of the western countries.

Streamline Consultants has the international exposure as well as the practical expertise to complete all formalities of immigration and visa to all countries of the world, exclusively to USA, so SC never compromise on the quality of our services and facilities that is why the increasing number of applicants is the best proof of the same reality. If you are really interested to shift to USA then please consult the counsellors at Streamline Consultants, you may surely feel happy at the end.