Lithuanian Business Visa


Lithuania offers a wide range of investor and business opportunities, either a businessman is at the stage of initiating a new enterprise or ready to give expansion to its already developed venture, thus Lithuania is the best and preferred destination that gives leverage to flourish your business within a short span of time coupled with its peaceful ambiance for living, trading, and making pleasure trips to the scenic spots of this country.

Why to prefer business in Lithuania

The business avenues in Lithuania are massive, which are listed as under yet not limited to:

  • Fully opened European commercial centres, which operate on the policies of free movement of goods (means only actual transportation no additional charges) on goods, services, persons, tariffs, as well as the capital that doesn’t necessitate to follow the custom regulations, fee in the Baltic regions, and so on,
  • Stronger and stabilized legislative system that impressively plan about your commercial activities,
  • Fixed tax rates on income (for example 15 percent from the companies in case the company is employing not exceeds 10 employees, whilst its turnover is less than 1 million Litas, in that case such businessman can avail the preferential tax that is only 5 percent of the profit),
  • Justified ways to reduce tax payments,
  • Lithuania is a leading country that discourages the corruption of bribes and kickbacks, by dint of its punitive laws as well as its strict implementation, makes good chances to grow the business with every passing day,
  • Choice to opt for business in free economic zones in Klaipeda and Kaunas,
  • The best and easy conditions to avail the bank credit on only 11 percent mark-up,
  • Have the option to get assistance from the European Union to promote your business in this country,

Facility of Residence Permit in Lithuania

A foreigner interested to get resident permit should invest not less than € 260,000 by creating around five jobs for the Lithuanian residents. This residence permit is issued for a period of 3 years, and after 3 years, it’s either renewed or annulled, as the case may be.

Legal formalities to establish a business in Lithuania

A businessman should be required to complete 6 steps, and to fulfill the following formalities, which need around two weeks’ time to complete the process:

  • Documents for registration, contract on establishment, as well as the meeting minutes of founders of the company,
  • Opening of a cumulative account in a bank, with the least capital, by obtaining a certificate that validates the authorized capital amount,
  • Notarizing the founding act/contract on the establishment, an application would be required for the registration of the company, in the Centre of Registers,
  • Getting your company registered in the centre of registers, including registration with the Sales Tax inspectorate (the Lithuanian tax authority) as income tax payer and with the State Social Insurance Fund (The SODRA),
  • Swapping the cumulative bank account into the current account (for usual banking dealings),
  • Registration for Value Added Tax (VAT).

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