Our Services

Streamline Consultants (SC) is privileged for having a remarkable history of serving our nation and country for the last over 10 years, with its best expertise and experience in its respective fields, as the areas in which SC is focusing currently are tremendously sought-after, thus we serve in these areas, for the benefit of our wider list of clientele—such as students, professionals, as well as the business leaders of our country. The areas we focus on are listed as under:

Studying abroad

  • Through this service, we are dedicatedly striving to get the admission in any highly reputed college or university for our students, in view of, their interest and inclination, in the field of study–the student has already chosen or opts to choose with our consultation, give guidance about the best college or university to pursue the foreign studies, to assist to get an accredited degree from the college or university he has studied, and whilst leaving his alma-mater, he would joyously be holding a highly accredited and recognized degree in his hand – that means we accomplished our ultimate aim and fulfilled our promise with the student/client.
  • After getting admission, Streamline Consultants moves ahead to get the visa through the consulate general of the respective country, and we give the best feedback to the candidate, how to appear for interview, whilst preparing him to give his interview with his utmost confidence and understanding.
    • For this purpose, we hold mock interviews in our office for our students, with a view to prepare our clients/students so that they could confidently answer to the tricky and perplexing questions of visa officer, of the country, to which he is interested to travel to.
  • During the process of visa applying, we ensure to complete the visa application form filled out, with perfect accuracy (without any flaws and omissions) as well as completing all important documents and formalities relevant to the visa processing.
  • At this stage, two types of situations arise; either visa is approved or rejected for any or many specific reasons, details of which are stated as under:
    • Successful students in getting visa are given complete information about, how to enter into an alien country of the western world, what to do before-and-after entering into an entirely different academic institution, registration at the immigration office of the respective country to validate his or her visa approval, and all other important relevant feedback is provided to our client.
    • If the visa is disapproved, then although the chapter isn’t closed fully, a request for appeal is forwarded to the respect consulate general.
    • We forward the appeal to the consulate general to review the case, by clarifying the queries raised in the rejection letter, by rectifying all errors and omissions pinpointed.
    • In case, after filing the visa rejection appeal, it’s again rejected then this case is considered the closed chapter. Although there is a lengthy process to forward it to the Tribunal of respective country ‘to review the rejection of visa request’. There are very low chances for review and reconsideration, thus in such cases, students are advised to look for another country, for getting admission.
    • Facility of accommodation reservation –Streamline Consultants is associated with a reliable firm that has the branches in few other countries, for the low-cost accommodation either on sharing or without sharing basis. Thus as and when the student enters into the college or university, he has the facility to avail the facility from SC.
    • Facility of part-time job – SC is closely linked with the foreign companies, who are responsible for providing part-time jobs to the students we assist. Thus sooner the students enter into any college and university, they can avail this facility from SC.

Visas and immigration

  • We are not only dealing in student visa, yet amazingly also deal in all sorts of visas—such as visit visa, business visa, immigration visa, reunion visa, transit visa, and so on.
  • In case, of any refusal we also coordinate with our client, to prepare an entirely satisfying appeal, by correcting all mistakes and then we submit the case to the respective consulate general.
  • In case, of any candidate interested to immigrate/relocate to any other country, for permanent settlement, he is being guided on all aspects of the immigration process, and on his or her readiness, the case is started. The process of immigration takes too much time, thus we passionately following the process, until we get the immigration visa for our client. In the case of immigration, client needs too much patience for the lengthy process, taken by the consulate general of the respective country – you have applied for.

Investor facilitation

  • Before applying for the immigration visa through the investor program, either in Canada or Australia or New Zealand, the investor or entrepreneur or self-employed people, complete information is given to the investor. On the go ahead signal of the investor, the process of applying for the same visa is initiated. During this stage, all important documentation needs to be done, in accordance with the rules of the respective country, as stated above. The prospected investor needs to provide all necessary information or documents as and when the concerned consulate general asks from time to time to furnish to them.
  • For this purpose, a complete tabulation is given, in the case of investor for Canada that provides complete information.

Pre-and-post departure update

  • The student, who has successfully obtained the approved student visa, he is being guided accordingly, so that, he could fulfill all his responsibilities, in all respects, pre-and-post departure to any country, of the world.

IELTS preparation

  • Those students, who are interested to do their preparation of IELTS, we conduct complete course of IELTS preparation, so that, the interested students or professionals could easily pass the IELTS test.

Leverage over the language barriers

  • Those students, who think that they need assistance to get control over the language bearer, we provided support in this area, as well.

Travel facilitation and hotel accommodation

  • Before your departure on foreign travel those aspiring any assistance regarding the travel facilitation, hotel accommodation, and in any other area, we fully facilitate them and offer our services in the areas, as mentioned on this site.

Travel insurance

  • Those ready to move to any country of the western world, they are required to get the travel insurance, thus the Streamline Consultants has the facility to coordinate with our clients for getting insurance.

Medical check-up

  • After approving the visa, the applicant is being intimated that before issuing the visa, arrange the medical check-up from the approved panel of doctors, and the medical certificate needs to be furnished to the respective consulate general in a sealed envelope by the concerned hospital/doctor, for this purpose, Streamline Consultants also extends the assistance to the clients, in accordance with the request of the applicant.