Bulgarian Business Visa

Bulgarian Business Visa


Bulgaria is a developed country of the western world, offering unique opportunities of business as well as an attractive destination for permanent settlement, as its free market economy is burgeoning day by day giving the leverage to the businessmen and investors, from across the world to invest their resources here and earn huge revenues from its growing commercial markets.

Bulgaria is a preferable place for business leaders

Bulgaria is a slightly lower populated country, have only 7.265 million (according to 2013 census) comparatively to other western countries, even smaller than the half population of Karachi (a metropolis not the country) having 180 million (according to 2013 census).

A country with peaceful ambiance, having far more commercial opportunities is awaiting the people, to do business in Bulgaria by playing their role in contributing towards the economy of Bulgaria. Some important features of Bulgaria are as under:

  • Bulgaria is the best country, for operating costs, exclusively in the case of lower costs on workforce and minimal taxes,
  • The best destination for manufacturing facilities, as it’s called the third best prospective country in the world ‘in the field of manufacturing facilities’

Facility of Permanent Residence Permit

Anyone interested to get permanent residence permit, he or she should stay at least for five years then he can avail the facility of permanent residence in Bulgaria, in view of the long-term stay conditions, which are as under:

  • The first step to get a permanent residence permit, is to apply for a long term stay that is valid for 1 year and that can be renewed after every year,
  • A long term stay permit can be granted to foreigners, who are having a D-type visa and fulfilling other pre-requisites, which are listed as under:
    • D-type visa is issued of two types:
      • A long-term residence visa is issued for a validity term of up to six months with its entitlement of up to 6 months (180 days),
      • A long-term residence visa is granted with the validity period of up to one year and entitled for 360 days (12 months) to those who are carrying out the scientific research as well as for the students under one-year education program, scholars or trainees, foreigners on business trips on behalf of a foreign employer for completing any specific assignments concerned with control and coordination of the executive of a tourist services contract as well as the businessmen who like to undertake business trips on behalf of a foreign investor to finalize investments which are validated in accordance with the procedure of the Invest Promotion Act (IPA).
      • The important pre-requisites are listed as under:
        • A proof of national insurance or social security in the country of residence (such document would be obtained from the applicant’s national insurance office),
        • This policy must meet all outlays for eventual repatriation and urgent medical help or urgent medical treatment in hospital for the period of the stay, as mentioned in the visa.

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