CEO’s Message

Streamline Consultants (SC) was started, around a decade back, with a noble aim ‘to serve our students for studying abroad as well as other customers for diverse services’ by endeavoring to be the leading name in the field of foreign education, to guide our vibrant students whilst choosing their field of study as well as selecting the best center of advanced studies, in any much developed country of the world.

Streamline Consultants is based at Karachi Pakistan, as its Head office, with its international Office in Australia. With our on-going developments, possibly we may open the branches of SC at different major cities of our country – Pakistan, as well as the international offices in some other parts of the world, at an earlier date that would prove a bigger boost to our broader list of customers, to reach at our offices situated at different cities and countries, and get each and every facilitation they require from us – without making any botheration for their required tasks.

It is a matter of pride that, in the pursuit of our objective, we have remarkably achieved many developments in the shape of admissions for the students in foreign universities, of the western world, assisted many Pakistani professionals and businessmen in settling in some of the advanced countries of the world, supported to many students during their IELTS preparation, and so on.

I would like to express my deep feelings about our services as well as our passion and vision with which, we have initiated to serve our valued clients, is a fairly impressive saga that we serve our clients, by clearly providing customized solutions, keeping in view their priorities and specific needs.

I feel delighted to record down here that a bigger number of students appear interested to get higher studies in any reputed college or university of the European country—anindication of developing and broadening the frame of mind of the people of our country – Pakistan. This state of affair is also promising for the reality that the passion of our students is to get higher education that is truly a higher objective which set them apart from their contemporary era, and give a unique status and standing to them, to enter into the best professionals fields, on the one hand, and command respect in the society, on the other.

The increasing number of clients is the best testament that what we do, the way we do, that converts all the prospected customers into entirely happy customers in all matters, thus, for this obvious reason, our customers come again and again at our offices, to consult us for all their foreign-driven services.

We, at the Streamline think that our customers are the driving force, behind our company. And to further this predominant objective, we are fully determined and absolutely committed, to support our clientele with our best ability and perfect capability, thus we have done something reminiscent to, very unique, in the shape of our 98 percent successful visa approvals and successful cases of settlements in European countries.

At any time of the day, I mean our staff is alert 24 hours, and cautious at any day of the week, we are always ready to say, MOST WELCOME AND MAY WE HELP YOU!!!

Imran Shah
Chief Executive Officer