Investor Immigration To Canada

Investor Immigration To Canada


Investor immigration to any rich country of the world, is a topic that is massively discussed, with a view to plan and migrate into such country that is filled with infinite business opportunities that is coupled with peaceful living ambiance as well as finer living and working amenities.

A country with its multi-color skyscrapers and lofty plazas, red-color trees during the fall season, brown-color sandy beaches, blue color lakes, and so on prove the best introduction of Canada, and there are much more to see, much more to enjoy, much more to enrich your knowledge and understanding about the avenues of opportunities, which are available in this part of the world.

Canadian Immigrant Investor Programs:

The applicants, interested to migrate to Canada, have two choices and they have to opt for one:

  • Fast Track Investor Immigration Program
    • You can by giving expansion can establish your company in Canada that you are currently running in your country,
    • The processing time is 6-8 months, to fulfill all formalities by the Canadian government.
  • Immigrant Investor Program
    • Federal Immigrant Program (FIIP),
      • Investor to invest CAD$800,000
      • Investors’ should have net cash value of CAD$1.6 million
      • Business experience of two years is mandatory
    • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QUIIP),
      • Under this category the applicant needs to invest a sum of CAD$800,000,
      • Further to it, the applicant needs to have a total cash resources of CAD$1.6 million,
      • Business experience not less than 2 years,
      • Additional details would be given by our counsellor.

Canada is the paradise for the aspirants of Investor Immigration

Canada is the real destination for those who are willing to permanently settle here, as it’s is the hub of commercial activities absolutely linked with US trade and commerce centres, people with diverse cultural backgrounds with their smiling faces – are all such impressive features, which naturally attract the investors to vitally migrate to Canada.

Another interesting aspect of Canada is that, it embraces all those, who are law abiding people, are ready to play their role to contribute to the burgeoning economy of Canada, and may stimulate the commercial and professional advancement of the country.

Canada is the destination for those investors, who are looking for a country, with entirely peaceful ambiance, the best business opportunities to thrive, as well as higher quality lifestyle. If anyone is interested for investor immigration, the Canada offers the following facilities:

  • Fast and quick processing for immigration,
  • Stable currency and stronger economic policies to support the business of investor, by giving the best facilities, to immediately surge their business graph to a higher level,
  • Canadian passport is one of the highly valued passports, for worldwide travels,
  • Visa free travel facility to 142 territories and countries for Canadian Passport holder
  • Closely linked to US commercial centres.

Pre-requisites to apply for investor immigration to Canada

The formalities and procedures with respect to investor immigration visa (IIV) are very lengthy thus, anyone aspiring to apply for IIV for Canada, should contact the office of Streamline Consultants (SC), where the competent counsellors will guide you, and fulfill all formalities, in that respect.

Streamline Consultants (SC) – as a famous Immigration and Visa Services Provider

SC, a renowned service provider, assists and supports the applicants willing to immigrate to any foreign country, for permanent settlement through investor immigration program.

SC is one of the leading immigration consultancy firms as having the best expertise and having complete cognizance about the rules and regulations of the western countries.

Streamline Consultants has the international exposure as well as the practical expertise to complete all formalities of immigration and visa to all countries of the world, exclusively to Canada, so SC never compromise on the quality of our services and facilities that is why the increasing number of applicants is the best proof of the same reality. If you are really interested to shift to Canada then please consult the counsellors at Streamline Consultants, you may surely feel happy and satisfied at the end.