Permanent residency for schengen countries (latvia)

Latvian Business Visa


Latvia is one of the increasingly and speedily progressing country in the European Union, for its massive commercial markets that is housing assorted products and services of national and international worth and value, added with its geographical significance, for the tourists and visitors to see its highly impressive scenic spots spread all over the country. Some basic facts of Latvia, which appear helpful in deciding to do business in Latvia:

  • The best location for business,
  • Open economy commercial centres in the European Union with no additional taxes for movement of goods, persons, and so on,
  • High-definition consumer commercial centres with peaceful ambiance,
  • Very friendly for the English speaking people,
  • Far more business incentives and availability of European Union funding for the businessmen in Latvia.

Some important facts about the Latvian commercial centres

  • Stronger economy and stabilized currency
  • Highly comforting and easy policies to conduct the business
  • Availability of skilled workforce of every type
  • Reasonable and affordable costs for living, studying, and trading
  • Effective logistic systems as well as modern transport regimes

Why people consider Latvia best for the business

Latvia as a member of European Union, is offering very congenial working ambiance exclusively for the business leaders, from across the world. All the branded products and services, introduced in Latvia have grown immensely, thus by looking into increasingly growing prospects of business, the businessmen from across the world are opting to move to Latvia, and the increasing number of importers/exporters coming to Latvia to finalize as well as establish their businesses, is the best testament of its higher significance before a shrewd business leader.

Facility of Residence Permit in Latvia

To obtain a temporary/permanent residency permit in Latvia (visa free to all the residents of European Union countries), thus any businessman who is ready to get residence permit should invest the property of €73,000 in non-main cities of Latvia and €143,000 in the main cities of Latvia.

The procedures and formalities which needed to be completed for getting residence permit

To settle in Latvia, an applicant should have the following legal documents:

  • Completely filled and signed residence permit application form,
  • A latest snapshot
  • The certificate of Bank account opened in a Latvian Bank,
  • The agreement of property purchased,
  • The certificate of property registered in the Latvian government’s respective department,
  • A certificate that indicates your probable place of living,
  • A certificate or document indicating that the real property purchased, the dealing of which has been made on non-cash payment basis,
  • A certificate showing that the applicant has no real property tax debts, in case he is owning the property, for the last more than one year,
  • A certificate that indicates payment confirmation of state duty.

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